Some points to note


Eyelash extensions should be removed at least a week prior to the treatment. Please do not tint your lashes before your procedure. Contact lensewearers must please bring their lens case and solution with them as they will need to be removed. 


Please ensure your lips and moisturised for a week before your appointment. A well moisturised skin makes absorbtion of pigment easier.

Please note this is NOT a lip-enhancing treatment. If you are looking for a more pronounced or bigger lip, please contact an easthetics doctor for filler.

Lips are an extremely delicate and sensitive area.  The epidermis will be comproised during treatment, which may activate the herpes virus.  It is strongly advised that antiviral tablets should be taken for 2 days before and 3 days after the treatment.Please contact your GP for a script


 Permanent eyebrows immediately after the treatment will be darker for about a week.

   Within 7 days after the treatment the epidermis will peel off and your brows will fade and almost disappear before returning to the surface of the skin and the final result will then be seen at 4 weeks

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